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New Videos + New Lineup

So, the December 3rd show was as amazing as I’d hoped. Luckily, the lovely and talented Sophia Cacciola captured most of it on video, which you can find here. Here’s my favorite song of the night, “Big Machine”:

The Positronic Rays set was fantastic, besides my being slightly too drunk to remember how to play the keyboard riff in “The Final Countdown.”

You may have noticed from the video above that I’m sharing the stage with a dashing new rhythm section: Mike DeLisle, of Logan 5 and the Runners and various solo projects; and Benny Grotto, drummer in Motherboar and producer extraordinaire at Mad Oak in Allston. So far plying them with alcohol and pizza seems to keep them in line. Time will tell.

Also, my number one New Year’s resolution is to record an album. Updates to follow as plans solidify.


December 3rd at the Rosebud: A Space Odyssey

The aforementioned Positronic Rays will reunite to be part of a pretty awesome lineup at the Rosebud in Davis Square on Friday, December 3rd. I’m not sure how much the show costs, but I am guessing some amount between $5 and $10.

I will be playing with a full rhythm section for the first time EVER, which is pretty exciting.

Check out the other great bands on the bill:

The Blizzard of 78

Muy Cansado

The amazing blog Boston Band Crush (up for a Boston Music Award this year) gave the show a much more thorough plug than I did, and you can check that out here.